Wednesday, August 20, 2008

His Heart Will Go On . . . . . and On

The stress test is over!

His heart is fine!

My stress is relieved! I won't have to hire someone to cut the grass, finish the floor in the guest room, or move furniture around the next time I get a whim!

There was no real answer on what happened, and hopefully it was something that won't happen again. Now, let's get back to less stressful stuff! We're too young to be going through this crap!


Emily said...

So glad everything turned out fine.

I thought I was having a heart attack once, my arm even went numb and I was rushed to the ER. It ended up being anxiety and stress.

Thank goodness for false alarms.

A New England Life said...

So they don't have an answer? Did the doctors find out if he has a blockage of any kind yet, Laura?

I'm so glad it wasn't Ted's heart! At least now he knows he has a healthy ticker : )


Mikki said...

What a relief!! I'm so glad he's ok. Hopefully it won't be something that reoccurs.
I work for the Titanic Exhibit here in Vegas, so your post title and the music really cracked me up.

Saucy said...

Yikes! That WAS stressful! So glad it worked out, you'll be keeping and eye on him now for sure, and some aspirin in the house I bet!

Pegasus said...

glad the stress test came out fine. Just're never too young for these things. Remember that Frank had heart surgery when he was 43! Be strong.