Wednesday, August 27, 2008

College Kick-Off!

Look what Ted came home with tonight! This is the first week of classes, and the College of Business had a mini carnival, free lunch, and dunk the dean party today for the students.

This cornhole game was set up, and anybody that was successful in getting the beanbag in the hole got their name put in a hat for a drawing. Ted's name was drawn as the winner!

He is going to take it to that downtown office for the CIS students to use when they need a break. For now, the three offices they have are the only ones located on that floor, and there is a long hallway perfect for playing!

For a donation that went towards scholarships, students and faculty could attempt to dunk the dean, faculty members, and staff by throwing a baseball at one of those dunking machines. The closer you stood to the machine, the more you had to donate. Ted was able to dunk one of the faculty in his department. A couple of women even got dunked!

I'm excited to show and tell tomorrow the treasure I found today for my craft room! Can you guess what I found?


Doreen said...

Lucky Ted. He is always winning something. The kids will like playing at the office. A new place they can hang. : )

Nancy and the fatties said...

How funny! we had never heard of cornhole until recently. it's a fun game. congrats!
n and the pees (ps - Howard thought it was something to eat...)