Monday, August 11, 2008

Blast From the Past!

Yesterday, I went into Half Price Books to meet Ted. He was selling some books so he could buy gas for the car, he could take me to lunch, he could clear out some space on the bookshelves for more books!

As I walked in and looked over at the Dinosaur Section - that would be the prehistoric vinyl record section - I saw a poster of Bobby Sherman. My heart fluttered, and for a moment in time I was 12 years old again. I know, 12 is early to have a teenage crush. I was always mature for my age!

If you don't know who Bobby Sherman is, then you obviously have never heard of the greatest television show of all time - Here Come the Brides!

Yep, that is David Soul. Bobby, David, and Robert Brown were the Bolt brothers (Jeremy, Joshua and Jason). The show took place in Seattle in 1860. I wanted to be Bridget Hanley - Candy Pruitt. She was Bobby's love interest - hey, why is she holding Robert Brown's hand? Joan Blondell was the saloon owner, Lottie.

Jeremy stuttered, but who even noticed - I was much too busy staring at that face!

What great 70's hair, and check out that shirt. Ahhhhhh, I think I'm in love!

Don't you wish Candy's hairstyle would come back!

Bobby retired and became a paramedic. HELP - call 911 - I'm feeling faint!
The show was only on for two years (1968-1970), and then I moved on to David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, and Davy Jones! Like all the heartthrobs of that time, not only were they actors, they sang too! Enjoy some Bobby Sherman today - I know I will!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Laura, I remember Bobby Sherman!! but I think my first big crush was Donny Osmond... Were guys just CUTER then or what? I mean, they had hair and no tattoos or piercings. *dialing 911*

hulagirlatheart said...

Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy...yea baby! Candy's hairdo? Hmm. A little puffy.

A New England Life said...

He was definitely a hottie! With the longer hair trend today he would probably still be considered to be quite the looker!

randi said...

Ha! We had a lot of the same crushes, but i would have to add Leif Garrett and Peter Tork (from the Monkees)!

Mikki said...

He was pretty cute. Wow! David Soul. I think the first thing i remember him from is Starsky and Hutch. The dark haired guys are so much better looking. I still love Michael Landon-especially as Little Joe on Bonanza.

Laura said...

hulagirlatheart - egads, I didn't really want Candy's hairstyle to come back - just kidding. Check out those bangs on her - LOL!

A New England Life said...

By the way ... how was lunch???