Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All the Little Birdies Go Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Remember this? When we were getting ready to leave for vacation, I watered the remaining matching plant on the front porch. I noticed a bird's nest with 5 tiny eggs. So, I left a note for the catsitter to not water the plant because I didn't want to disturb the mommy bird or the babies.

When we got home, the eggs were still there, but no sign of the mommy bird. I decided she must have abandoned the nest or gotten killed. I was happy and surprised one day to look out the living room window (I must do that alot) and see the daddy bird feeding seeds to the mommy who was sitting on the nest.

Shortly thereafter, the babies hatched! It has been so much fun watching her go back and forth to feed them - crickets, grasshoppers, and bugs!

So far, I've only been able to count four birdies - oh my gosh, they are so fuzzy and cute! Don't forget to click on the pictures to see them full sized.

I have two windows to view them from, and depending upon which way the wind has blown the hanging basket, I can get a good view from both windows.

Yesterday while I stood at the window in my nightgown t-shirt holding the zoom camera and waiting for the mommy to return, you can imagine what the gas and electric guy thought as he walked by the window. You can imagine what I thought because he scared me too! As he went to read the meter, the neighbor's black cat ran across the porch.

Oh great, now I have to worry about that cat getting the mommy bird as she is on the ground looking for crickets. I wonder if I can buy some crickets, set them in a container on a nearby tree . . . . . . . . .


Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh no, I hope the cat doesn't eat the babies. waaaaa. shoo kitty shoo!!!

Laura said...

Nancy - I'll be keeping an eye out when those babies get big enough to leave the nest. It makes me nervous when they are still too small to fly and they hop on the ground!

A New England Life said...

You have Berwick Wrens! I LOVE Wrens! Especially their song, but the Berwick Wren has a different song than the House Wren, which is what we have.

Chances are she should be okay. The wren is a pretty fast little bird, but you might want to let your neighbor know, if you haven't already. The babies will be gone in the next couple weeks.

When my mom had a nest in her hanging geraniums she kept on watering it and the mom never left. I think they like being where the nest can't be seen.

You're so lucky!

Emily said...

They are precious!

Mikki said...

How cool. They are too precious. How fun to be able to watch them for the next few weeks. Enjoy!!