Saturday, August 16, 2008

All About Arlene

On the one year anniversary of her death, here are seventy-five memories of my Mom for her 75 years of life.

1. She loved Dad!
2. She adored cats and dogs.
3. She had a twin sister.
4. She played bridge - regular and duplicate.
5. She was a whiz at Jeopardy.
6. She and Phyllis (her sister) did some modeling as teenagers.
7. She was a Chi Omega at the University of Louisville.
8. We wore the same size shoes.
9. She survived ovarian cancer.
10. She survived breast cancer - twice - 25 years apart.
11. She hated flying in airplanes.
12. She would always run into people she knew from school.
13. She catalog shopped.
14. Name an animal organization - she donated to it!
15. She never met a stray she didn't want to keep!
16. She loved frozen peas.
17. Her mash potatoes were awesome!
18. She had nice looking legs.
19. She cooked better than she baked.
20. She never really got over Phyllis' death.
21. She had one very handsome brother.
22. She was born in New Jersey.
23. She worked at General Electric in the Personnel Department.
24. She went to an all-girl's high school - Atherton.
25. She couldn't open anything without totally destroying the packaging!
26. She always misplaced her purse.
27. She had a lot of friends.
28. She stole a neighbor's dog and kept it!
29. She was a big U of L basketball fan.
30. She loved pro football - who knew?
31. She was in an on-line pro football pool and came in 1st place!
32. She was always appreciative of gifts.
33. She had a habit of making that tsk, tsk, tsk noise with her tongue/teeth.
34. When I was growing up she told me that if I learned to type I could always get a good job. She was right.
35. My fingernails look just like hers.
36. She and Phyllis sounded exactly the same on the phone.
37. She was involved in a woman's club for many years.
38. She and Dad loved their trip to Europe.
39. Her old boyfriend was named Gene. My middle name is Jeanne. Dad and I always teased her about that!
40. She had a lot of clothes - see #13.
41. She was active in her church.
42. She and Dad used to volunteer and deliver meals and transport people to doctor's appointments.
43. She rolled her hair on brush rollers.
44. She colored her own hair.
45. She lost all her hair when she underwent 2 years of chemo.
46. She hated the wigs she wore during that time.
47. She was compassionate.
48. She loved jewelry - costume and the good stuff!
49. Dad's favorite outfit of hers was a blue dress with white polka dots she wore when they dated.
50. She had a removeable gold bridge in her mouth.
51. She wore glasses.
52. She and Dad were married for 52 years.
53. She made good casseroles.
54. She didn't know how to sew even though her mother did.
55. Her favorite movie was Gone with the Wind.
56. She watched beauty pageants on television.
57. She hated computers.
58. She was not mechanically oriented.
59. She always confused right from left.
60. We gave Mom and Phyllis a surprise 60th birthday party, and Mom and Dad surprise 25th and 40th anniversary parties.
61. She added an "s" at the end, and called it Walmarts. That drove me crazy!
62. After my Grandma died, Mom let me keep Grandma's sapphire ring instead of keeping it for herself.
63. She and Dad made wooden crafts together - Dad would build them, she would paint them.
64. She was pampered by my Dad!
65. They enjoyed cruises.
66. Seeing her without Dad (for 7 months) was so strange and sad.
67. She was 95 pounds when they got married.
68. She wore petite clothes - see #40.
69. She slurped ice cream off a spoon - another habit that drove me nuts!
70. She lived five years longer than her twin sister.
71. She was beautiful on the inside and outside!
72. She left me three cats and a dog. I think about her everytime I look at them.
73. I held her hand as she took her last breath.
74. I can't believe she has been gone for a whole year.
75. Ted and I miss her so much!


A New England Life said...

This is a beautiful post. The 'Walmarts' one made me laugh : ) And a model ... that is obvious! Your mom sounds like someone I would love to have met. She sure was on smart cookie!

You are such a wonderful daughter. Surely your parents knew how blessed they were.


Laura said...

She and her twin were quite a pair, Sharon! They were both animal lovers, so I know where I got it from!

Mikki said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. She was lovely. Looks like you inherited that from her too.

Monarch Friend said...

What a sweet tribute on this special day. It brought tears to my eyes as I read each of the seventy-five thoughts...
Sherry, Cheli Bells, & GA T

The Festa-Graham Cats said...

We are all fortunate that your Mom passed her love of animals on to you, Laura, or else none of us on Catster would know Samoa, Calvin and the rest of the gang!

Great post and a wonderful tribute to your Mother.

Sandy said...

Laura, what a wonderful tribute to your mother. And you look just like her.


Jenn: said...

This is such a beautiful way to share your mother with those of us who did not know her.
Three times beat cancer!?! What a strong woman!
(And I love that she mixed up right an left- I do too ;0)