Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wrinkle Free!

Wouldn't life be great without wrinkles? Seriously, when are wrinkles good except maybe on babies and Sharpei dogs!

I'm an iron-as-you-go type of gal. Who wants to spend hours one day each week ironing, when you can iron what you're going to wear right before you wear it!

And who looks like this Mary Tyler Moore girl when they iron? Probably some 23 year old who just got married and thinks ironing is fun! Boy, does she have a lot to learn!

So, I'm leaving on Friday for vacation - we're going on an Alaskan cruise. And one of the stupid rules on the cruiseship is NO IRONS! Isn't that illegal? What am I supposed to do with a travel iron if I can't travel with it?

Haven't those cruiseship rule makers seen what happens to clothes in a suitcase? So, I'll spend all day ironing my clothes, ironing Ted's clothes, and we'll still end up walking around in wrinkles all week!

This gal has the right idea on ironing! Turn it into a surfboard, and go to the beach! You don't have to worry about wrinkled clothes when you're in a bathing suit - just a wrinkled body!


Sharon said...

Is this cruising, or camping?

What are the temps on this Alaskan cruise? Is it bathing suit weather? Sounds like you'll be in good company with lots of other wrinkly people too!

Jenn: said...

You probably checked this out already, but are you sure there are no irons in the room?

Every cheap hotel room has one, why not a cruise room?

Or maybe you just ask them for one.

Cruises are the #1 way to vacation if you ask me. You are going to have a wonderful time- what's a few wrinkles?

Sandy said...

Have a fantastic time, Laura. I have several friends who've done this and all of them came back raving about how beautiful and wonderful it is.

Doreen said...

Girl -- I was on your last cruise with you and you didn't have a wrinkle. Just take some of that downy fabric spray that takes out wrinkles. Besides will you see any of those people again? hahaha


Phyllis said...

If you get too wrinkled there are laundry rooms with irons on the ship. Sharon found them on the RH cruise.
Would you like my books on Alaska -what to do off the beaten path?

Laura said...

Phyllis - I think you know me well enough to know that "off the beaten track" and "Laura" do not belong in the same sentence! I am going ziplining and you'll hear me scream all the way from Alaska!

Jenn: said...

NO YOU ARE NOT! Really?? You are so brave. That is wonderful. I had to look up what ziplining was and one of the AKA's was Death Slide. Hehe. I cannot wait to hear how that goes.

Laura said...

Thanks Jenn - just what I wanted to hear - Death Slide? Apparently they take your picture as you go, so that will be a doozie!

Laura said...

Sharon - Temperatures in Alaska during July (their warmest month apparently) are mid-50's. I'm sure the pools are heated. We have a balcony, so I'm looking forward to that!