Thursday, July 3, 2008

Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure!

Cinnamon Stick - 20B - Non-permanent

I know mine by the color. I have a girlfriend who knows hers by the girl on the box!

When I was growing up, I'd watch my Mom color her hair in the kitchen sink. Her generation didn't like taking showers, so all hair washing and coloring was done at the kitchen sink. I remember thinking that I would never do something like that to my hair. Well, we all grow up, don't we?

After reaching the point a few years ago where there were too many to pluck out, I took the brave step of coloring my own hair. You're probably wondering why I didn't let my hairdresser do it for me. Did you notice under the picture it says, non-permanent? I haven't really started coloring my hair yet, because in my mind that only happens when you use the permanent color!

So, I've become my mother. Except I don't use the kitchen sink! I have found the perfect color because even my own Mom last year said to me, I didn't know you colored your hair!

It's amazing what spending 20 minutes every month can do to boost your spirits! I'm going to continue to wash that gray right out of my hair until I reach the next stage where you don't care that you're totally gray.

I hope I never reach that next stage . . . . . . .


Sharon said...

God I remember those days . . . washing my long hair in the kitchen sink. Sometimes it would get all tangled up, but that's just what we did. My mom has been using Nice and Easy Ash Blonde for as long as I can remember! I use permanent color every 3-4 weeks and I switch colors all the time. lol!

Watch my blog for a way to make that color last longer Laura ; ) I discovered a new product that I just LOVE and have to share!!!

Oh to be a woman . . .

Jenn here: said...

Hehe. My Grandmother has my red hair color and denyed dying it, but I remember her walking around the house in her light blue man's shirt she wore only when she dies her hair- and she did it in the sink too!

She knows her color by the girl on the box as well.

My sister always gets hers done at the salon, but I think my Grandma's looks better. I think it is the sink!! ;0)

I agree with you Sharon. All these crazy things us ladies do! I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Doreen said...

I didn't know you colored your hair!!!