Saturday, July 5, 2008

How To Spend a Saturday Afternoon!

If there is one project around the house that gets put on the bottom of Ted's To Do List, it would be anything involved with plumbing!

Yesterday, he worked on a slow draining kitchen sink. It went quickly and successfully, so today he attempted the dreaded repair of two toilets!

One and a half hours in, and he is still working on toilet #1. Another trip to Home Depot will be in the works before it gets finished due to the handle breaking. Toilet #2 requires a simple fix - if you can use the word simple and plumbing in the same sentence.

For any new wives reading this, you should spend your afternoon shopping. Stay as far away from the project as possible!


Nancy and the fatties said...

LOL Laura - I love the kneepad picture. Such good advice about shopping, preferably somewhere far, far away! : )

Sharon said...

What a good guy Ted is. Did he swear a lot? Usually that's protocol for any construction or repair job around the house for Brent or my dad. ha haa

Jenn here: said...

Wow! If I were to ask John to fix any plumming, I think he would laugh his head off! That comes from renting, I guess.

Those knee pads are awsome! Did Violet help with this project too?

Doreen said...

Ted -- I have some plumbing problems for you when you finish up there. We just ignore them and hope they go away. hahaha