Friday, July 18, 2008

Helping Hubby!

My hubby is on the faculty at the U of L in the Computer Information Systems department. He is taking on a new role as the director of a center that will help non-profit organizations in the Louisville area. For several years, the senior project class he teaches has been helping small companies with various IT problems. This will continue but in a different format than in the past.

A prominent local corporation is funding the new center, and it will be located in the downtown area. Today was go down to the new offices and clean up the furniture that was delivered day. Guess who was in charge of cleaning? I'll give you one guess - three men, one woman - go ahead, take a guess!

There are three offices - one for Ted, one for the students, and a conference room. Here is Ted in his office. That is the cleanest the desk will ever be. Believe me, I've seen what this man can do to a desk, and it is frightening! His vertical filing system would make any admin assistant cry. Believe me, I've been an admin assistant, and it makes me cry!

The next picture is the students' office. Those two guys with Ted are Pat and Barry - his student assistants. They are the tech geeks who will make a gazillion dollars when they graduate and will retire at age 50 to some tropical island.

Did you notice the tables don't match? There wasn't money in the budget for furniture, so all this stuff came from the salvage department at U of L. The students won't care - most of them are male. They probably didn't care that I wiped off two inches of grime from the table tops!

I'm only allowed to do my decorating magic in Ted's office - notice I already had two pictures ready to go! They're doing a dog theme - don't ask - it's more techno geek stuff that you wouldn't understand unless you're a techno geek! If you're reading this blog, I'm betting you're not a techno geek! The students will have boring things like white boards on the wall. I'm sure they don't want it trimmed in ribbon, so I'll just stay out of that space!

I'll update you with new pictures once I've done some magic!


Doreen said...

Did Ted finish the floor in the cat room? Nice touch to his office. You do good work.


Laura said...

We're finishing it tomorrow - all except the quarter round - that will have to wait until after vacation!

Sharon said...

Every relationship needs someone to be the organizer. Luckily Ted has you : )

Where are you going on vaca this time?

Jenn: said...

Sneak in at midnight and trim those boards in ribbon anyway :D

Sandy said...

Congratulations to Ted. Sounds like something really wonderful.