Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I went to Garden Ridge today to get an artificial ficus tree or something similar for Ted's new office space. They used to sell those trees for less than $20. Well, not anymore! The cheapest tree was around $50. So, I went to the garden section and got this dark brown metal pot - half price! Then I found the bundle of dry stuff for $15, and a bag of spanish moss for $2.

I knew it would be too low if it sat on the floor, so I found that metal stand in the garden section - also on sale! The pot fit exactly over the tile mosiac top. I think it will nicely fill up one corner of his office.

Happy 17th birthday today to my cutie Calvin! He is the most precious cat, and I spoil him rotten!


Judy (CA) said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to Calvin!! He is so lucky to have such a wonderful loving home. And I'm sure you feel just as lucky having him :)

Laura, you sure know how to shop!! The planter looks great.

Sharon said...

Great picture of Calvin! I love that I could click on it to make it super large. He has spots on his nose and lips! Who knew?!

Happy 17th Birthday Calvin!!!

Nice job on the arrangement for Ted's office. Looks like a manly arrangement ; ) The color of your walls are very pretty too! I plan on painting one of my bathrooms a similar color . . . sometime.

Pegasus said...

Happy Birthday to Calvin!!

Beautiful arrangement for the office! :0)

Jenn: said...

Great plant piece! And so masculine.

Happy Bday to Calvin!! What is it about those lil orange guys? I swoon.

Sandy said...

Love, love, love Calvin. And that is a truly wonderful photograph of him.