Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garden of Weedin'

Our house sits on a couple of acres, most of which is wooded. One of my jobs is to cut the very back part of our property. It's a a tough job using a riding lawn mower, but somebody's got to do it! I look forward to it because it is relaxing, and I can cut different patterns in the grass each time - wow, doesn't my life sound exciting?

So, last night as I rode around, I looked over at our pitiful garden and surrounding flower beds which were nothing but weeds and catnip! Because we spent so much time this spring fixing up my parents' house, a lot of things got neglected around here - including the garden!

However, the blackberry bushes are doing great! They are thornless bushes that a friend gave me several years ago. At the end of the season, you cut back the branches that bore fruit, and then those branches will give you fruit two seasons later. Ted has entered the blackberries in the state fair several times, and he even won a 3rd place ribbon one year!

After finishing up the yard, I went back down to pick some blackberries. I cleaned a couple and popped them in my mouth - they are super duper sour - definitely better in a cobbler or over ice cream. I had a handful on my cereal this morning - YUMMY!

This is Violet photobombing the picture!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Your blog is great! I also live on several acres. It is so relaxing to sit on my back porch and look at the trees. And another thing we have in common, I love blackberries and love to cook! Stop by my blog anytime and leave a comment! Have a great day!

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cheffie-Mom! I'll be visiting your blog too!

Jenn: said...

Way to photobomb, Violet!

Blackberries are my favorite berry. I put them in smoothies, because I love to chew on the seeds for ever. They look delicious!

Doreen said...

I found a blackberry cobbler recipe for you from Southern Living. I'll bring it to RH.


Sharon said...

Patterns in the grass? I'd get in big trouble if I did that. For a while I was banned from mowing because I didn't have the lines correct. lol!

The blackberries look perfect! Ted must be so proud when he picks them. And it has to be at JUST the very peak of perfection, right?

Violet . . . kisses to you sweetie.