Monday, July 7, 2008

Finders Keepers!

Yesterday we went to the Peddler's Mall - a furniture store that went out of business and was converted into a flea market mall where individuals have booths with good junk for sale!

I fell in love with these tables and the wooden cat! The white table is solid oak - an antique when you look at the underneath side. The yellow table appears to be walnut and also old, based on the brackets underneath the table. I think the side cutouts on the yellow table give it some character! Both tables have been painted and given that distressed country look.

The price was right ($25 white, $35 yellow) based on other tables I saw at the mall - most of which were wobbly and ugly - so I couldn't pass them by! I plan to put them in the room we are currently refinishing which will end up being more of a cats' room than a guest room.

So, naturally, the wooden cat had to come home too! He was only $11, and I think he'll fit in nicely with the rest of the cats in this house! As a bonus, he doesn't require food, water, or litter!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh my gosh Laura, what a great find. I really love that table. Makes me want to go hunting for antiques!

Sharon said...

I think the cat was the best find of all. Especially since it's such low maintenance. lol!

What adorable tables! Great prices too. Does your house have a country feel at all to it Laura? The tables are timeless. You'll always find someplace to use them : )

Jenn here: said...

Great tables and great luck finding them, too!

I never liked the matchy-matchy look of "sets". These are beutiful and one of a kind.

Doreen said...

Good find. I've never been in there.


Laura said...

Sharon: Since one of the etiquette tips was to respond to comments, here goes: My house is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. Not really, I've always been a Donny Osmond fan! I have a mixture of antiques, country, bears, cats, you name it!