Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Angelina's Not the Only One!

Look who else had twins this year besides Angelina and Brad! I was at the vet this morning with Spunky. When I called Ted, he said to check my camera when I got home. This was the surprise I found waiting. We've been watching them run across the backyard almost every day. Too precious!

Now, I wonder if anyone would pay me $11 million for these twins? I'd donate some of it to charity - any takers?


Nancy and the fatties said...

LOL Laura! these twins are much cuter than the Brangelina twins... how awesome to be able to look outside and see such a sight.

Jenn: said...

AH! The only thing that rivals a kitten is a fawn, and 2 of them! Look at those adorable spots!!!

Thanks so much for sharing these. They are so beautiful.

Judy (ca) said...

They are so cute!! I bet that made your day :)

Sharon said...

Ted did a great job with the pictures! Unfortunately blogger won't let me look at them up close this morning : /

Does Rocky chase them? Or Violet? lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! Finally checked your blog. Great job! Let's do lunch again. It was great! Thanks.

Sharon said...

I finally clicked on your pictures to enlarge them. Aren't the babies so cute! Do you think Angelina will bounce back like the doe did? lol!

So that's where your Hosta's went ; )