Friday, June 27, 2008


This can only mean one thing - weekend project! We've spent almost every weekend for the past nine months working at my parents' home getting it ready to sell. It's time to spruce up a few rooms in our house!

I like painting, but it's the preparation and clean-up that I'm not too crazy about. We're painting a guest room and a bathroom, and we'll be installing new flooring in both rooms too. I'm hoping the painting can be finished by Sunday.

It all depends upon how much feline assistance I get!


Jenn here: said...

I can't wait to see Samoa's new room!

Sarah Mae said...

Are you going to show "after" pictures? I would love to see what you do! :)

Sharon said...

If I lived closer you could hire me. ha ha!

Laura said...

Sarah Mae - I will show some after pics - thanks for visiting my blog! Sharon - I'd hire you in a minute if you lived closer! Do you accept food as payment?

Barbara said...

Fresh paint and new floors it is going to look great Laura.
We did that last year, ripped out the carpet and painted before putting the new Pergo flooring in. Makes clean up easier! I love the Pergo, easy to clean and cut down on the dog's eye running and allergies. Had to laugh about feline assistance our girls were right in there helping out and getting paint on thier noses! LOL
Have fun!