Monday, June 30, 2008

Remembering Maryellen

It was June 30, 1989. I was living in Tucson, Arizona, and working as an administrative secretary for SAIC. It was my last day of work because I was moving back to Louisville, Kentucky. I'll never forget that day. I got a phone call from my parents that my cousin, Maryellen, had been killed in an automobile accident. She was on her way to her parents' house to celebrate their anniversary. She was the first car in line at a stop light. When the light turned green, she drove through the intersection. A car from the other direction ran a red light, and hit her car.

I was numb the entire day.

Mary Ellen and I were the same age. She has four siblings, and she was the middle one. She lived in Pennsylvania, and we always had a great time when we saw each other.

The top picture is from our senior year in high school. She went to Pitt and graduated with an engineering degree. She was one smart chick! She went on to work in the automobile industry designing dashboards.

She got married and had a daughter named Meghan. Meghan was only three when her mother died. I'll never forget the first time I met Meghan. It was a few years after Maryellen had passed away. She thought I looked like her Mom.

The second picture was taken in 1971. I'm sure this is how Mary Lou Retton started her career as a gymnast! Neither one of us made it to the Olympics.

We took two fun trips together when we were younger. We went with my parents to a Dude Ranch in Colorado. We wore cowgirl hats for a week, rode horses, and took jeep trips into the mountains. We both fell in love with the young guy who fixed our breakfast each morning over an open fire.

We also went to Canada together. As we approached the Canadian border, I'll never forget my Dad telling all of us to be calm, and to honestly answer any questions they asked. The border patrol looked in the car and asked where each of us were born. My Dad answered - Kentucky. As we drove away, we all got a big chuckle out of that because he was born in Pennsylvania.

She was a great friend, and I miss her!


Jenn here: said...

What a bright and beautiful smile she had! Cousins can be some of our best friends. It's so sad she was taken so soon. Sending hugs as you remember her.

Sharon said...

How sad Laura. Sometimes life really isn't fair is it. I'm glad you have such wonderful, funny memories of Maryellen. Have you ever shared any with her daughter, Meghan?
You both look so young in the picture. I never would have guessed senior year. Seniors these days look much older!

Hugs on this memorable day,

Nancy and the fatties said...

How sad to lose someone so close to you Laura. But you have described her so well, it sounds like you were as close as sisters.

lorie said...

Laughter, fun, friends with family....thank God Maryellen got to be your friend and thank God you got to be her friend. Pictures ---- the keepers of our memories. Relationships....that is truly what it is all about and you are a treasure dear friend!

your red hot princess prez friend