Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red + Hot = Friends!

There are ten of us. We're the Red Hots - Louisville Chapter! It's not a typo - we're not the crazy ladies over 50 who wear red hats and purple clothes. We are way too cool for that, and we never dress alike!

Well, except this one time! Most of us have known each for many years through our volunteer work with the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. Last year, four of us had memorable birthdays, and we all took a fun, week-long Caribbean cruise. We get together once a month, each taking a turn to plan the evening. We have shared many memories and laughs over the years, and I treasure their friendships. The dogwood tree at the top of my blog was planted by the Red Hots in memory of my Dad who passed away last year. This spring was the first time it bloomed, and it was beautiful - just like my friends!


Sharon said...

Great pictures Laura! What fun you must all have together. There's nothing like the company of close girlfriends : )

Is 'Red Hot' something you ladies came up with as a play on words from the Red Hats?


Laura said...

Yes, Sharon, we came up with the Red Hot name. You should start a chapter in your town - LOL! We even made up membership cards.