Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Real Knock Out!

One of my on-line friends from Dogster recently started her own blog. She has been asking when I was going to create a blog, so here goes! My birthday was last week, and one of my friends took me out to lunch today. Her gift to me was this beautiful pink Knock Out rose bush. I've always loved roses, but I have found them difficult to grow. This variety claims to require no special care and is blackspot resistant, mildew tolerant, self-cleaning, and drought tolerant. My husband, Ted, planted it tonight in the spot where I had previously attempted to grow a rose bush. We'll see how this one does!


Sharon said...


Your blog is as lovely as the new rose bush Ted planted! Now if the plant would only water itself it would be perfect.

Welcome to blogland ; )


Judy said...

Happy 1st Day of Blogging!! Very cute. You are a great writer and this will be an interesting blog to read. RA says the "Bestest".

Catster Friend
Irvine, CA

Jenn here: said...

I am excited to see you have started your own blog. I look forward to seeing more of your photography.
~Jenn (Lancelot's mama)

Anonymous said...

Laura, glad to see that you've started a blog. I've been blogging for a while now in coordination with my part-time volunteer gig at the All About Romance Web site. Here's a link:

Sandy C. (otherwise known as Rufus' wise and all-knowing Mom)

Nancy Medina said...
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Nancy Medina said...

Sorry for calling you Sandy, Laura! - I'm so glad Sharon pressured you into this blogging thing! ; ) Love your knockout roses, we just planted our first little bushes this year, too, but ours are not as full of blooms as yours are!
hugs from your Ladies Room friends,
Nancy and Anniebelly

Barbara said...

Laura Great idea and good luck on your blogging. This will be a wonderful way to keep up with friends as your always doing so many interesting things. I will be visiting here often.

Sherrie said...


This is so fun! I need some tips with with the hibiscus plant. Mine drop their leaves constantly!
Love the pics of all your animals. Their expressions are so adorable.

Love to hear from you!