Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set . . . . Go!

This is Tommy the Turtle. We see a lot of turtles on our property, and we call all of them Tommy! Tommy showed up in the driveway last night. I moved him to a safer place in the woods.

This morning, I am taking Spunky to the vet to have his first chemotherapy treatment. The cancer that caused his eye to be removed 2 years ago has returned. Surgery isn't an option, and radiation treatments would have to take place in Ohio. He would be gone for three weeks, and we can't put him through the separation and stress. Spunky was one of my Mom's cats, and he is a lovebug lap kitty. Slow and steady may win the race . . . . . but, unfortunately, we can't win this one. I'm praying the chemo treatments slow down the cancer so he can be with us longer.


Me said...

Very nice blog.

Sharon said...

I'm sorry Laura. My heart goes out to you, Ted, and Spunky. I only hope Spunky can remain comfortable a bit longer.

It's a jungle in your neighborhood! : )


Jenn here: said...

Spunky has been in our thoughts since we found out. As you have said before: it is about his quality of life. And his quality of life is so high with such a loving family.
Give him a kiss from me.

Nancy Medina said...

Laura, I am so sorry to hear about little Spunky's cancer returning. We will think healing thoughts for your beloved Spunky Kitty.
Nancy and the pugs in Texas

Barbara said...

Laura, Sorry to hear about Spunky's cancer returning, I hope Spunky has more time with you.