Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blooming Beautiful!

I love seeing the tropical flowers in Mexico. Below are a couple of pictures from our vacation. The first one is the hibiscus. I didn't know this, but the hibiscus is the primary ingredient in many herbal teas and some jams in the Caribbean.

Next is the bird of paradise which is also known as the crane flower. Whenever I see the bird of paradise, I feel like I'm in Hawaii!

The only unique looking flower I have in my garden is the bleeding heart. Every spring, I look forward to seeing the tiny pink hearts. The bleeding part of the flower is the white droplet at the end of the heart. I only wished it bloomed all summer long!


Jenn here: said...

My mom had her backyard over-run with those birds-of-paradise plants. I grew to hate them, because they killed everything else. But they are very unique looking ;0)

I love your flower photos!

Sharon said...

Jenn, you crack me up. Who knew those 'birds' were so prolific? ; )

I love the flowers too Laura, especially since we don't have anything like them here. Except the Bleeding Hearts of course. I think it's my neighbors favorite flower too. My mom had them when I was growing up, but there aren't any at this house.
You can't help but look at the hearts and wonder how they can grow like that!